Sweet, Red Punch.

Photo by Jez Timms for Unsplash.com

This think-piece contains ra ecipe for an alcoholic beverage and copious mentions of punching nazis. Reader’s discretion is advised.

I am a live-in-the-moment kind of person: Life experiences, grappling with chronic heath issues and an appetite for life have turned me into a person whom enjoys every moment and savors every bite or sip.

I do not advocate violence nor I suggest my readers do the same.

But I do advocate for folks to resist and fight racism, sexism and homo/transphobia in whatever manner they need to and supporting their efforts. Whether it be by just re-tweeting the hashtag #ipunchedrichardspencer in order to confuse nazis whom have placed a $3K ransom on the person who punched the face of the alt-right, which is just another word for conservative racists and sexists. Or by donating to the legal fee funds for the over 200 protesters and four journalists arrested during inauguration. Ask the city to drop charges against protesters. Take daily action!

Y Salud a la Resistencia!



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Reverend Leonina Arismendi žarković

Reverend Leonina Arismendi žarković

Social Justice rants, sermons & personal essays.