Racism Tourism: Virginia’s small towns secret to revitalization.

Olde Towne Butcher said the quiet part out loud: white business owners and non-profit agencies in Fredericksburg benefit from a form of economy and tourism that is based solely on racism.

Photo by me

I confronted all these places in particular for their racist praxis for over three years before they formed an alliance to report me to the FPD and have me charged and eventually removed from the City of Fredericksburg as a public nuisance for instigating racial violence. Since then, I have been blessed to move in and around different cities, counties and small towns throughout the South but specifically here in Virginia doing social justice teaching and community advocating and I see a pattern in practice, this weekend I will be publishing two pieces on what to look out for, why it matters and how we can fight back.

Photo by Michelle Pierson.



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