Putting Avocado on Racism


(so that white people will care about it) CW- Language.

Photo by Nur Afni Setiyaningrum for Unsplash.

I do not know whether the memes or the viral anti-Trump protest was first that sparked this slogan going around. It’s almost a chicken or egg type of dispute. One thing I know for sure is that the phrase has been re-worked numerous times now to include hummus, pumpkin spice and anything that one equates with foods that basic American consumers (whom care more about “trying out ethnic foods” as a way of becoming culturally conscious than actually meeting their non-white neighbors) consume.

Found on Facebook, all credit to unknown photographer.

For over seven days now, we have been living in an almost parallel universe. Don’t get me wrong, people of color have been living under militarized police rule, systemic poverty and enduring state sponsored violence for generations. Fascism ain’t new. But the past week has really regressed 200 years. I could sit here and write about each of the over ten (and counting) executive actions passed, how unconstitutional and inhumane they are. But chances are that you already have researched and read and reached your own conclusions.

Chances are great that you know someone that is already affected. Chances are that you know someone whom could be deported tomorrow to have to begin life anew, sometimes to never be heard from again. You might know someone that cannot pay one too many traffic tickets and will invariably be sent to jail. You might know a Vet or an ill or disabled person whose health will worsen. So many people will suffer in a million different ways thanks to this neocon regime, thanks to these bans and this #FuckingWall.

In this parallel universe things that we casually and jokingly talk about on the internet come true: The Onion has become less a satire page and more of a future predictor. Headlines in mainstream media articles sound like headlines of these satire articles from years ago. Life imitating art in a most bizarre way. Trump’s rampant racism has finally been signed into executive action. Already people are being detained, deported and victimized. Top off this with a little irony as the US is already turning away Mexican produce, most specifically avocados and potatoes at the border:

Guerilla gardening and grafting as well starting a Food is Free Project in your community garden is a good way to begin bringing food security to an area as well a great time to dig deep and meet our neighbors and make new friends. It is up to us to care for each other at this time!

Here is a video on how to grow your own avocado tree seedling, but don’t stop there: BE THE REBELLION YOU WANT TO SEE IN THE WORLD!

FOR MORE ON THE FOOD IS FREE PROJECT: http://foodisfreeproject.org/



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