Petty Spaghetti.

What’s up with all of these pasta memes lately?

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Part One of Social Justice Senshi’s performance art piece titled Meme Wars. These stories will be on display as part of an interactive art installation titled Receipts during First Friday in May.

did not intentionally set out to go on a mini hiatus from writing the past week. After meeting deadlines I was admittedly tired and renovating AM has taken much of our free time but those aren’t the reasons I was kept from writing: I have been away for a few days because I have been dealing with another wave of problems rooted in lies and accusations from a disgruntled white artist.

If you follow me, then you are familiar with the story which expands for over a year and a half, where it was brought to my attention that a white femme coffee shop artist in my city had taken aesthetics, subject matter and verbatim artist statement straight out of a public arts event from one of our represented Native artists at Art Mart, and I as AM’s curator called it out and professionally, spoke to the other galleries and businesses in town about the possible risks associated with showcasing controversial art works which violate the Indian Arts and Crafts Act of 1990. White fragility, privilege and casual racism in full display, she tried to shrug off the call outs and chances for mediation over her blatant appropriation and exploitation of Native cultures/arts and instead chose to paint me as a mean girl, a hatred filled, egotistical marginal Latina: Someone incapable of conversation without violence and in need of ‘working sense’ and Art Mart as an elitist place where white people aren’t welcomed. And as herself, a pure intentioned, innocent white femme, enduring hatred from lesser evolved beings like myself.

Only going on her lies about my person, her friends started entire Facebook pages dedicated to bringing our business’ online ratings down with negative reviews and ‘expose’ us (more on part tres.)

Incessant trolling on my pages led to threats over the phone and on my DM’s. Music shows began being shut down earlier and earlier by the police over anonymous noise complaints. We all but ended programming at AM except for First Friday walks, which became much smaller without music and poetry jam nights with Commonwealth Slam and Poetry Readings.

These issues have been going on for almost two years without resolution.

A few weeks ago this problematic artist’s art works were pulled out of a brewery art show because according to experts, she was utilizing protected bird species wings for art without any permits: She was selling mutilated song bird wings, rudely attached to wood mounts, dried flowers and cones glued onto them for $100 a piece. The biologist that spotted these brought this violation to her attention and she refused to admit fault and once again compared criticism to hatred and so he contacted the proper authorities.

Let me be clear: the Biologist that spotted this controversial work is an AM represented sculptor and he photographs our events quite often. More than that he is a good ally, friend and scientist. I had nothing to do with this, I have heard of her pseudo spiritual work with dead animals and flowers before but I am blocked from all her channels so I had not seen anything until after this all became public.

I wanted to remind everyone that the same way she treated our concerns with protecting Native Arts, she acted toward protected wildlife. I was glad that some semblance of justice might be served upon her head.

Not even minutes after I said on social media something along the lines of “watch her connect this to me and bypass the white man that took her down just to continue the narrative that I am the abuser and not the other way around” our first negative review came to the Art Mart Page from one of her friends: I call him salt bae, because this guy I have never met has been mad at me from afar for months. He came for me on the day of my October Solo Show opening at the Sunken Well trying to argue on my personal page on a post about cultural appropriation and derailed the whole conversation, making it about how toxic SJW’s are and how despised I am for being such an ‘egotistical’ art nazi. Using his POC status, he claimed that his ambivalent feelings on the subject are enough of a counter argument to end all of discussion on the subject altogether. He asserted multiple times that I am the real racist in all this for telling a white woman she cannot paint Native Americans the way she did. I wasn’t having his tone policing, respectability politics. His weak ass arguments and meninist opinions were silly and basic that all I could do was clown and ban after grabbing screenshots of our interactions. He stayed so salty after that, he felt the need to spend about 30 minutes on this essay on AM’s review months later:

(CW- high sodium content, downplaying racism)

“Disclaimer: I am not an artist in the traditional sense, and I have not actually been to or worked with Art Mart. This review is solely based on the owner, Nina. Keep in mind that the owner’s actions and way of carrying their image fully represents the business. Nina is absolutely one of the most rude, egotistical, narrow-minded, and outright unprofessional people in this medium.

The events that took place need not even be mentioned, but all it takes is a close look at Nina’s own personal Facebook, and you’ll see it’s swamped with public defamation against anyone with a different opinion, or anyone who has done her wrong. Straight up slander and libel. Its truly impressive how far she’ll reach to destroy someone she doesn’t like, for instance someone making chalk drawings, and being covered in chalk comes off to her as “racist” and publicly announces these wild accusations based on absolutely nothing. This person had dark chalk all over themselves, but Nina labeled it as “blackface”. That is almost as bad as the Wallstreet Journal saying PewDiePie is a anti-semite because there was a random screenshot of him with his hand raised in the air. This alone shows her immaturity and there is no way in hell that anyone should think she’s fit to handle a business, especially with the fact that she’d be working with other artists and basically representing the entire local scene. And the racism part is important, as she cries out “white tears” every chance she gets. It seems that, to her, you’re a racist even if you don’t think or say/do anything racist. It, in itself and by its own definition, is racism. Again, the idea of having Nina represent local art is a huge mistake. Think of how other local groups from other cities will feel when Art Mart builds up a bad reputation from an owner like Nina. Is that really what we want? All-in-all, Nina is Art Mart. Art Mart is never going to do any good by being run by a self-centered troublemaker, who shuns anyone with any negative thing to say about her. This is a mistake to allow this to continue, I honestly hope that the Art communtiy in Fredericksburg can fix this madness before the Fredericksburg Art scene becomes a joke everywhere else.”

As far as the blackface bit: I did uncover and posted (not really, it is like the fourth google image if you search up her name) a front page article of our local newspaper and indeed, she had on blackface during the same street arts festival, the same year she saw and later recreated David’s piece. Not only proving she was in the same place as him but also, with all this new context of the type of problematic person she is, we cannot deny that indeed this is an instance of blackface. I was not sure why these folks are so mad about me re-posting their problematic fave being well, problematic. And why they still defended her behavior.

I had grown tired of writing the same responses on my pages about this issue. And I could no longer take this big baby of a man seriously anymore. So I did what any internet troll would do and copypasta his negative review from my business page onto my personal page, tagged it as feeling pasta, so that friends would know what this was about and sure enough, I began getting Pusheen eating spaghetti sticker comments. Memes soon followed:

The whole day can be aptly described in one single video:

My friends loved these jokes so much they began copypastas too and after being flooded by pasta and spaghetti memes, I declared on my page the whole day would be dedicated to shit posting and re-sharing this delicious content.

The day event even spilled over to the original post. Full circle!

To add extra salt I’ll say this: I did not even see the review until my partner did, we were notified by other people that this was posted: — like I said, I had banned him long ago and that kept me from seeing his review in my page, which is managed by multiple admins with different roles. If it were not brought to my attention I’d have never read what he wrote at 1:26 am about me…. Sorry Menso.

We ended the day on a good note laughing at the manifestations of white fragility. There is so many ways one can take this type of hatred directed at your work, but we tried to keep it funny from the get go.

The story in part two takes a bad ass turn so stay tuned!

I know I have been heavy on the ranting and less on the recipe sharing as of late. I do hope you enjoy this series of stories as well as the delicious recipes that come with them. Stayed tuned for Part Deux.

Mom’s Spaghetti:

3 tablespoons olive oil

5 cloves garlic, minced

1 large onion, chopped

1 large sweet red and green pepper diced

2 stalks celery, chopped

2 carrots, shredded

1 can of mushrooms

1 can of chopped tomatoes and chiles

1 tablespoon dried oregano, basil, rosemary, sage, thyme.

1 tablespoon spicy italian seasoning

3 large bay leaves

1 teaspoon of balsamic vinegar

¼ cup of red wine

1 teaspoons granulated sugar

1 teaspoon salt

1⁄ 2 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper

In a heavy bottom pot, heat oil and add vegetables, cook until onions are translucent. Add herbs, spices, vinegar and sugar, cook until vegetables become tender. Add wine and mushrooms. Simmer until wine evaporates and then add canned tomatoes. Continue simmering covered stirring occasionally for 45 minutes to an hour, until sauce becomes thick and bright. Serve over pasta.



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