In the Name of the Moon…

Digital Illustration of Social Justice Senshi by Yanina Angelini Arismendi.

Because of their dedication to include all women and their stories is all the motivation and inspiration I needed, read more here:

The Petty guardian, Agent of Love and Social Justice.

Local Vivify bartender Alicia Beth Photography wonders about my block list after Menso was banned. She banned me before I could swing down the hammer.

In this final hour before the march I urge you:

Join the rest of the Social Justice Senshi in your city. Fight like a girl! For my mother and yours, for ourselves and our future daughters and nieces, with our matriarchs that have passed away around us. In the name of the moon we shall punish patriarchy!




Social Justice rants, sermons & personal essays.

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Reverend Leonina Arismendi žarković

Reverend Leonina Arismendi žarković

Social Justice rants, sermons & personal essays.

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