Iglesia del Pueblo: Reflection.

For months volunteers have worked day and night and in one afternoon the mayor of DC destroyed the trust established by the community.

In a political move, a show of power, instead of putting more money into organizations and social services for new residents, the mayor of DC decided to call FEMA and the national guard, asking for 150 soldiers to help us, to provide direct support and playing the role of social workers, being the first thing that people who are usually escaping trauma and violence exerted by the military (historically with ties to the United States military.) She effectively washed her hands of the responsibility of the city to be a true sanctuary as promised. Instead, with the same xenophobia and imperialist fervor that militarize before giving concrete support, just like TX and AZ Governors’ our Mayor said, this is the federal government’s problem and fuck everyone. We continue in the fight, here is a letter to sign that demands the city of DC and the mayor to act correctly and humanely.



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