Freezy Peaches!

CW- Language

By Cala on

Realizing that the alt Reich needed an unlikely, charismatic demagogue and utilizing the overwhelming influence of the Internet, Milo Yiannopoulos swooped into our screens as the bad boy of the Alt Reich completing the trifecta of neoconservative mouthpieces along with Backpedal Barbie Tami Lauren and human punching bag Richard Spencer.

Milo is a strange persona if you think about the conservative sensibilities of the past which heavily focused on disenfranchising queer and immigrant voices.

This persona panders to hipster nazis, “my dad’s a lawyer” Chads and lowkey racist millennials, the same people that gentrify our hood and food and appropriate/exploit marginalize people’s cultures and creativity for profit and turns around to go on mission trips to find themselves through photographing and touring poverty in guise of charity, to feed up that white savior complex.

His acceptance into the fold and wild economic success solidified the re - branding efforts white nationalists have gone through lengths to achieve in order to appeal to the millennial generation as white supremacy began to decline.

So long as whiteness is protected, homophobia can be set aside in order to propagate white supremacy and nationalism.

In Milo the alt reich has found the elusive and proverbial minority friend. They summon his queerness and his fetishism of black and brown bodies as a deflection for why they aren’t homophobic or racist when they clearly are.

I cannot say that I am mad at that to be honest: It makes it easy to illustrate the point to liberal people that gay people whom are white and white passing do posses privilege despite also being members of a minority group. That queer issues are intersectional in nature.

Milo has at the very least effectively killed the common misconception that white gays cannot be racist or problematic in anyway because they also face oppression. He has made a lucrative career at the expense of a group whom, if he had any other views (besides the ones he spews) he would unabashedly persecute him otherwise.

The most notable thing this fabulous bigot has ever done, to be blunt, is to violate standard terms of agreement on social media one too many times for hate speech and was banned from Twitter too little too late: His targeted harassment techniques like outing undocumented and trans students on campus or have his army of twitter trolls take down people like hyenas. He teaches these tactics in Universities across the country to his toxic following, which have literally cost other human beings too much to speak on. Conside that every time you are all mad about protesters shutting him down. His speech is nothing but free hate for anyone not cis, white, rich and able-bodied. And to call this free speech is the epitome of white privilege. WTF:

As Shaun (Shaun | No, Totally!) succinctly said on Twitter less than 140 characters:

“A white liberal arguing that a white supremacist should be allowed to preach hatred is a white person promoting white supremacy. Full Stop.”

It’s time to impeach Trump and can these fascists.

You also must try out this easy Peach Freezer Jam. I personally use jams, jellies or marmalade often, as base to build a vinaigrette, sauce or marinade. I use them often as cake fillers, or yogurt sweetener. I even use a special marmalade for colds. This recipe is so simple, it doesn’t need sterilization!

2½ lbs of peeled and chopped peaches

1 knob of peeled ginger

2 tablespoons lemon juice

1 c of white sugar

½ c of brown sugar

5 tablespoons instant pectin

Blend the peaches and ginger until smooth and in a saucepan combine puree and add each remaining ingredients until well combined. Let set for an hour and then pour into freezer safe mason jars allowing about an inch from the fill up line in order to let the liquid expand. Store in freezer for up to nine months, in refrigerator for three to four months.

Here’s a rule of thumb to follow on hate speech and nazi propaganda: if you can ignore it, desire to peaceful argue it away and ‘agreeing to disagree’ if you can’t, it isn’t because you are more logical and peaceful than POC and Antifas, it is because of your privilege. The nazis aren’t trying to harm you, they’re trying to recruit you. They see you as a potential ally, and when you say nothing, you are being one to them and not to marginalized folks. Do better.

White silence is white violence.



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