Firsts & Lasts.

CW- Language.

Where do we put our focus on when the entire world burns around us?

This is as much a philosophical as a triage in emergency situations type of question. Because forests are burning around us and the president of the USA is telling us to rake the forests. More animals have become extinct in my lifetime than in years before I lived. All of this is due to the acceleration of every industry for capitalist gains which in the end only benefits a few at the cost of every life on earth and nothing less. While rich assholes take photos of these creatures dead, their grins and dead eyes stare back at us saying

“We will continue to destroy and you are next.”

There are earthquakes, volcanic activities and more tropical storms in different forms all over the world. We are experiencing a grim, almost apocalyptic scene and headlines with ideas of how to fix our larger scale climate problems sound ridiculous, almost made up by the onion.

“Let’s try to dim the sun!”

“ Well, Actually, a SMALL atomic explosion could help…”

The public at large isn’t any better either. Nothing short of a revolution which yields a worker controlled society in which everyone is cared for can even begin to address the ecological nightmares that capitalism and its tools of mass consumption, societal conditioning, planned obsolescence etc.

When I talk about a revolution I want to be very clear of what I mean:

Recognizing this tells us exactly whom to follow as they lead the way through revolution, The First Nations Peoples, the keepers of this Living being that is the continents we stand upon, have always had the knowledge of how to care for their lands. The ecological nightmare that we see today is nothing more than capitalism and colonialism doing their thing — Naturally capitalism and colonialism are toxic to anything they touch, they suck our rivers dry and sell the water back to us, in plastic containers that kill our under water relatives. Capitalist greed kill our forests leaving Tribes, animals and the entirety of the world gasping for clean air. Multi national corporations that answer to no one create plantations of crops that aren’t even native to the lands they exploit, and employ or force people into labor to provide us in the ‘first world’ with fresh fruits year around. The damage big agro, oil industries and multi national food giants cause to all people in order to keep money going is atrocious, all they do already is costing people’s lives, we must do as best we can to continue to fight against these attacks to the people while as always following the lead from the communities involved. One never can assume themselves a precious saviour to the cause coming down to teach and not learn from marginalized folks, no, for the most part, you find that communities on the margins are indeed still here because their resilience and unwillingness to give up.

We have the answers as experts of our experiences.

It is time to put those that have been last in line to the front, to make things equitable instead of just equal, to understand it is okay for some folks to get more and some to get less to level the playing field. Reparations and triaging our societal woes and the fuck ups of the past and always working to move forward and continue expanding ideas and knowledge, a willingness to learn new view points and to be open to the world is imperative for the survival of this planet. Nationalism, patriotism and ‘tribalism’ (loaded word, more on that later) need become obsolete things of the past, much like borders.

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