Anointed Cake.

I have been out of the church for over three years now and almost every night since then I have the same recurring dream: I am back at the church I used to go to, attending a pot-luck, having to have various conversations in which I have to justify, confront or defend coming out as Queer and NB.

In this dream, I shovel boxed yellow cake with sugary, almost greasy white frosting into my mouth and nod away as the table talks about the ‘issue of homosexuality in the church’ I disassociate, as I think to myself in my dream (as I have done so many times before in real life) if they are “onto me.”

When you are in a place of privilege, you can virtually trivialize any part of a minority group’s struggle in order to dehumanize them.

And as christians like to remind people this is a christian nation (it is a colonized, imperialist state that uses evangelical christianity as a tool to keep the machine functioning by keeping folks ignorant and malleable for nefarious purposes) It is easy to justify reprehensible actions like church discipline, shunning from their community, indeed (in some congregations) Queer folks are kept away from their whole families altogether.

You and your experiences are valid, beautiful and wholesome already. There is nothing wrong with being who you are and loving the people you love regardless of what your religious upbringing tells you.

Love is Love.

(Love is also making your loved ones this cake today! Just saying…)



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